Tianjin, beside Haihe River, is full of folk arts. The painted sculpture of Clay Figure Zhang, as one of the three stunts, is of rare flower among folk arts which has vivid realistic characteristics, and can portray the figures' personality and posture, pursue dissection structure, reasonable exaggeration, suitable acceptance and rejection, special applying to give attention to both shape and spirit and have great originality.

After conducting the policy of opening to the outside, everything is flourished, people are pursuing the high level living condition. Painted sculpture Arts is booming under the circumstance as a duck to water. A lot of skillful craftsmen rush out who make many works with new idea and new style. At present, we take it as fashion to give relatives and friends painted sculpture of clay figure Zhang. The arts of clay figure Zhang will hold a long life.

Our Tianjin clay figure Zhang Workshop takes inheritance and development as our responsibility and Three Representative Policy as principle to contribute to the culture career of socialism.

We sincerely invite the people of all walks to visit our workshop.