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    Start with small things

    Time:2021-02-05 | Back

    Start with small things

    Author: Liu Jun

      Are you familiar with the next few scenes?

      Shot 1: People go to the empty office, and the lights flicker tirelessly.

      This summer, we have experienced the inconvenience caused by power cuts many times. With the rapid development of the city's economy and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, the demand for electricity is also growing rapidly, becoming more and more of a modern city. The outstanding performance is that the power supply is short-term peak power shortage. Electricity rationing in a small scale and time period has become an indispensable energy-saving method for enterprises. However, only relying on enterprises to regulate electricity consumption is not enough to relieve the load pressure on the grid. Turn off the office lights when eating at noon; turn off the power of the terminal block after get off work; increase the temperature of the air conditioner by one degree on the basis of the state advocated...with a little effort, next summer will be more comfortable.

      Shot 2: The pedal in the bathroom fails, and the rushing water just flows away in vain. I have seen such a set of data: "China’s total freshwater resources are 2.8 trillion cubic meters, accounting for 6% of global water resources, ranking fourth in the world, but only 2,200 cubic meters per capita, which is only one-fold of the world average. 4. It is one of the 13 countries with the poorest water resources per person in the world. "Saving water is not just in personal homes. Close and loosen the faucet; report the failure of the foot pedal in time; stop water when applying soap... Start by dripping, every drop of water saved is for your children and grandchildren.

      Shot 3: In the copy room, abandoned single-sided copy paper lay scattered on the ground.

      Recycling one ton of waste paper can produce 800 kilograms of recycled paper, which can save 17 trees, save more than half of the papermaking raw materials, and reduce water pollution. Saving paper is to protect forests, protect the environment, and to bring yourself green. Choose double-sided printing; use email instead of paper files; before the one-sided copy paper is recycled, under the premise of protecting the company's business secrets, making full use of its other side will make our lives more faceted. We can listen to more natural sounds when the trees are swaying with the wind.

      Undoubtedly, the above-mentioned scenes are very common in our workplace. How to handle the coordinated development of economy, resources and environment has become an important issue facing us. "Energy saving and emission reduction" has become a social consensus. We often see slogans such as "Save water" and "Save energy". In fact, although society is progressing, our environment has been "regressing." Awareness has increased, but there is still a gap between energy conservation and emission reduction in action. The benefits of an enterprise come not only from how much profit it creates for the company, but also from saving resources for its employees to increase its profits. We should be an energy-saving pioneer with a small amount of effort, turn this awareness into action, integrate it into every corner of our work and life, and practice it in every aspect of enterprise production. Only then can we truly achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and benefit the company even more. everyone.

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