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    Written on the eve of mothers day

    Time:2021-02-05 | Back

    Written on the eve of mother's day

    Author: Wang Ling

      Mom, I thank you for giving me life. You taught me how to be a human being. No matter what happens in the future, I will always love you! In this holiday that belongs to you, I wish you a happy holiday and always happy!

      Mom, on today’s Mother’s Day, I want to say to you: You are the perfect combination of my mother, confidant and friend.

      Work often makes you linger; love always makes you nostalgic. Even if you miss each other, you always owe your mother. Let the wind take away your concerns, and let the cloud take away your wishes: I wish my dear mother happy forever!

      I am like a little bird, each feather has your affectionate caress and indoctrination, allowing me to fly freely in the outer world, your arms are like big trees, and will always be my warm home.

      Although you no longer need you to help me with my clothes, and you no longer need to make meals by yourself and wait for me to go home to eat, I will always keep in mind your mother’s teachings, so you can rest assured that you can take care of it.

      Valentine's Day, April Fool's Day, Christmas Day, all foreign festivals can be reduced, except for Mother's Day! Every May, it is beautiful because of Mother's Day. I want to sincerely wish my mother a happy holiday on this special holiday!

      Only mother is good in the world! Mom, I wish you a happy Mother's Day!

      May the joyful singing linger around you at all times. May happy years be with you forever. I wish you a happy holiday!

      Let us give our mother a little more love and care, even if it is a fan in the heat; a sweater in the cold winter, so that mothers always feel the care of their children.

      Today, I want to say to you: Mother, I love you!

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