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    I love Guangxing

    Time:2021-02-05 | Back

    I love Guangxing

    Author: Wanglong Long

      Like most people, after hurriedly finishing their studies, they knocked on the door of society with an uneasy heart. I embarked on the southbound train with the tears and blessings of my family. On the night on the train, the journey lasting more than 20 hours did not make me feel the slightest fatigue. On the contrary, it was accompanied by the sound of rolling wheels. Let my young heart keep boiling, looking forward to tomorrow's blueprint.

      At dawn, with a long whistle sound, the train finally came to a stop. I have finally arrived, I have finally arrived in this hot land of the South that fascinates me. This place is as charming as I imagined, with tall buildings, bustling streets, and flowing highways; modern atmosphere fills every corner of this city...

      Looking for the dream in my heart, I can’t wait to start a carpet-like search around, looking for the cradle of my dream. I think I am lucky, and soon I will have my first job in my life. I remember the night before I went to work. After I settled down, I couldn't sleep for a long time. I was lying in bed looking forward to tomorrow's work. I suffered from insomnia.

      The next day, after having breakfast in the cafeteria, I waited early at the door of the workshop, eagerly waiting for the arrival of the foreman. Under the leadership of the foreman, I came to the workshop and came to my working position; the workshop was a busy scene, the deafening machine noise was like a horse racing out of the starting line, sprinting to the finish line with a roar. The first day's work made me deeply impressed by industrial production and large-scale production. Although I got off work after ten o'clock in the evening, I fell asleep peacefully with comfort and satisfaction.

      I'm not sure how long it has been. When I got up that morning, I came to the workshop and came to my post as early as usual. But the sound of machines resounding through the workshop is no longer so exciting, and the busy scene of the workshop is no longer felt, and what is left is just endless complaints from the workers. The three-point-one-line, machine-like life makes me feel more and more disgusted with everything here, as if everything was originally sinful. All this made me feel boundless fear and helplessness.

      In loneliness and helplessness, my heart slowly became dead, and my thoughts slowly became stiff. Until one day, with the help of relatives, I stepped into the door of Guangxing, and in this way I ushered in the second job of my life. On the first day when I first came to the company, I saw the "business philosophy" and "quality policy" as big as a fight on the wall. They swayed the ripples in my heart and gave life to my dead heart. I ignited my dream of flying again. On the same night, I was lying in bed tossing and turning, but I didn’t have insomnia that night. That night I made up my mind, I was determined to work hard here, I was determined to use it here. My own efforts and wisdom compose my own wonderful.

      Unconsciously, I have been working in the company for almost two years. Here I have a stable job and decent income, as well as many workers who care about me, so I can enrich myself after work. I work every day with the enthusiasm for the sunrise, and with the patience to satisfy the sunset. The management and leadership of the company also impressed me deeply. The chairman of the company also frequently promotes activities such as 7S, improvement and promotion. What I advocate is the spirit of full participation and teamwork. All the facts tell me that I am not a mobile machine on the three-point-one-line. I can improve and improve myself through my own wisdom and thinking. At the same time, the company will receive both material and spiritual rewards. This is Guangxing.

      The financial turmoil has swept through, and external factories have frequently closed down, but I have full confidence in the company. I am convinced that the company can lead us to overcome this disaster in 2008. Winter is here, spring is near...

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