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    R & D capabilities

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      During design development stage, we apply SOLIDCAST profectional version to run the casting simulation analysis and produce ,To ensure the success in product development, at the same time scheme dispenses with the traditional test, flaw detection was time-consuming and high cost, realize the rapid development and enhance the market competitiveness and advantage. Mass production of continuous optimization and improvement of process plan process, the casting costs to a minimum, so that customers and factories may be the largest profit maximization.
    The samples per APQP process to move on, so that we’ll be more effective and faster to develop the new products with reliable quality.

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      New sample lead time:3-5 days if with the existing tooling provided.10-15 days for new tooling

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      Either casting part or a finished product, Guangsing can quickly support the guarantee quantities with stable quality for the best delivery date.

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