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    gs.jpg  Guang Sing Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd is a Taiwanese base enterprise, and it is operated under Gramm Tek Group. Located at Tangjiao Zhan, LiLing Country, HuiZhou City, Guangdong, It is pretty closed to HuiZhang road. Hence, you can find us very easy.Basic company information is as following, Register capital: USD4,450,000, Building area: 10,000 square meters. 

      We are specialized in making all kinds of metal parts from either investment casting or machining, in such like OEM parts for machinery equipments, construction, and petrochemical industry...etc. Currently, our key OEM products are supplying to Emerson Group in worldwide, beverage industries in European, and machined parts for automobile's safety products in worldwide.

      We guarantee our material quality for investment casting by brought in American VIP melting & Taiwanese heat treat equipments. Support with the German spectrometer, our casting quality & system are the one you can count & rely on with. Casting products can be stainless steel and carbon steel. Such as AISI 304, 316, 316L, 17-4, 430 and 409. Annual casting output can reach up to 1000 tons. Most of casting products are supplying to USA, Germany, Singapore, France, and Netherlands market ...etc.

      In machining, we succeeded in providing high precision & quality products to our customers by utilzing Taiwanese CNC lathes & Machining Center with our own developed special hydraulic fixtures.

      For supporting with our needs in management system, we continually have LEAN specialists from overseas to lead & train the LEAN manufacturing concept & system to reenforce our organization. Support with APQP system for quality control and advance management system for human resourcing.

      With so many powerful & advance capabilities we equipped, we can be your wise choice as a business partner for your company's future growth.

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